Marin Kasimir

Trilogie pour Venise

Fondation Wilmotte
Fondamenta dell Abbazia, Via Cannareggio 3560
30121 Venezia
vaporetto : C’a D’Oro ou Madonna dell’OrtoEglise San Giovanni Evangéliste 
Sestiere di San Polo 2454 
30125 Venezia
Spazio Bedoer, espace adjacent à l’Eglise San Giovanni
Sestiere di San Polo 
30125 Venezia
1 June – 31 August 2013

PERMEABLE (Diurno verso notturno)
Wilmotte Foundation

Everything moves between two distinct worlds, two atmospheres, two luminosities, two temporalities: day and night in a state of complementary antinomy, like life and death.

Passing through a glass pictorial curtain where each pearl is a pixel that makes up a circular panoramic image of the cemetery of San Michele, this passage leads visitors from a diurnal to a nocturnal, Dionysian, baroque space that combines allegories, fantasies and projections. A panoramic and anamorphic video is surrounded by other ovoid works like the window compositions that mix film and stained glass, or a huge undulating anamorphic image that descends to the depths of the canal.

Church of San Giovanni Evangelista

Taking into account the spiritual and historical constraints of the church, a central structure made of mirrors replicates “In Search of Completeness”, a work created in 1985 for the exhibition Doch, Doch curated by Chris Dercon in Leuven.

This new anamorphosis integrates an additional dimension, the very space of the church and some fragments projected onto inflatable supports.

Since this space is a regular venue for concerts, a programme conceived by Marin Kasimir proposes recitals and performances by Belgian musicians and artists.

ROOM FULL OF MIRRORS (The inventions another type of retrospective inventory)
Spazio Badoer, space adjoining the Church of San Giovanni 

This retrospective presenting 35 years of artistic research and output by Marin Kasimir has been designed from the perspective of the brick, ubiquitous in the Spazio Badoer and so typically Belgian too. Curved or convex mirrors surround a brick or a combination of bricks, and present an always-rounded allusion to architecture and design. A complex and polychromatic construction suggests the very particular projection of a brick building. Close to the pixel, the brick also becomes a jigsaw piece that takes part in many works in two or three dimensions.